Christmas:  The New Father’s Day

by ellis j. still

A few years ago, I had the privilege of evaluating entries written by children for a father’s day essay contest, which was also supported by an annual father’s day walk-a-thon. The kids had to answer a series of questions on the application in the areas of love, support, prayer, and what they think of their father in general… insights into why they think they have the best father in the whole wide world.

My initial thoughts were that comments would be along the lines on fathers buying stuff… sneakers, clothes, video games and the like. Surprisingly enough, all of the kids centered their thoughts and comments around the time their fathers spend with them. Watching television together. Going shopping, or supporting a sports function. Helping them with their homework. Showing up at school. Just being in the same house together. While some spoke about some of the things fathers buy, the comments were overwhelming along the lines of how the kids appreciated and valued the time fathers spend with them.

I say this to say that this Christmas season, make a point to spend quality time together with the family. If the money isn’t there this year, look at it as an opportunity to focus on what is important to them – family. With the economy the way it is, not everyone is working and therefore, not everyone will be able to afford what they would like to afford for their kids. We tend to feel like we are letting our kids and household down. But your children see the real you – they see your heart… they see the Christ in you. They see how much you care. Kids are much more resilient than you think, and if you haven’t been spending that much time with them, what a better way to mark the Christmas season in a special way than to spend quality time. Be encouraged this Christmas season, or better yet, let your kids encourage you.

Merry Christmas!!!   🙂

© 2009, Ellis J. Still. All rights reserved