Cove Haven: A real treat for couples   

by: ellis j. still         

My wife and I decided to do something different for Thanksgiving last year… we decided to spend the holiday weekend in the Pocono Mountains. There’s this resort called Cove Haven (owned and operated by Caesars’ Palace) for couples only that Tina’s sister referred us to that we have been meaning to try, so we figured that this would be as good a time as any.     

Getting there was no small feat. Both Tina and myself had to work the day we were scheduled to leave, so we got stuck in rush hour traffic. Likewise, the deeper you get into the Pocono Mountains, the more you are on these one-lane dirt roads in the woods with no streetlights. There was a serious snowstorm that was quickly approaching, so we were hard pressed to get there as soon as possible. We somehow beat the storm, and we arrived at our destination unscathed.     

Getting signed in was fast, and upon approaching our room, I got especially nervous because from the outside, the rooms look like the equivalent of one of those cheesy pay by the hour hotel establishments. When we went inside, I was pleasantly surprised. The room was split-level, with a wood-burning fireplace on the upper level, sleeping and dining on the lover level, and a heart-shaped hot tub, steam room, and our very own private indoor swimming pool tucked away next to the sleeping area. I’m thinking to myself… it just does not get any better than this. The only challenge was that the room smelled like cigarettes, but a call to the front desk brought someone out almost immediately, and the small was gone for the rest of our time there.     

The resort is on a campus-like setting, with shuttle busses running on demand to get you anywhere on site. The first few days we stayed inside the room except for meals, since many people are asking us when are we going to start having kids. After the third day we ventured out. They have a vast variety of activities at no additional charge on site such as indoor miniature golf, archery, pool tables (I won three games in a row), arcade games, ice-skating, basketball, Wii games, and these weird European bowling-like games. If there was enough snow we could have taken some snowmobiles out. They also have live shows in the evenings ranging from comedy to live music.     

There was also a recreation center right on the lake, which included more arcade games, pool tables, at least two swimming pools, and boating docks. There are also multiple wood decks outside adjacent to the lake for sitting and contemplating… an ideal place for Tina or anyone else who likes to write.     

The resort is semi-inclusive, with breakfast and dinner included in the price, and lunch on your own. The meals were interesting in that host / hostess sits four couples per table. The goal is to get people to mingle socially. I really enjoyed the conversations. One couple at our table the first night was a really excellent witness to others at our table. The guy had had several brain surgeries and was so excited to tell his story about how God kept him. I learned a lot from them in terms of alternative ways of telling people about what Christ has been to them while not pouring it on. We actually kept in touch – they are from Connecticut, and hopefully we plan to visit at some point.     

So, on a scale of one to five, I give Cove Haven two thumbs up :- ) It was a wonderful experience all around. However, Tina did contract the Swine Flu while we were there, and it had fully manifested that Sunday after we had gotten back home. But this was not a function of the resort, but moreso of the fact that it is just the was it is today – whenever you get a group of people together, that is the risk you run. This was a good trip if you want to stay in the regional area. It had a little bit of everything, was relatively inexpensive, and was within a three-hour drive. I look forward to visiting the resort again sometime in the future. For more information about the resort, see

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