The Book Of Eli

By: ellis j. still 

This is my first post under the Christian fiction category of my blog. Normally this would be designated for written works, but I felt that this movie is a work of art that is important enough to mention. Likewise, the movie borders on fiction and non-fiction, which can and has been debated at length.

The ‘Book of Eli’ is a movie produced by and starring Denzel Washington, a big time international actor, who has starred in countless movies and won numerous awards. I was intrigued by the name of the movie, curious if the movie had any connection with Eli’s meaning, which is connected to Elijah and Elisha in the bible, and is also the surname of my first name, Ellis. The movie theater was all but empty, yet the movie ‘Avatar’ had people waiting in line out the door and around the corner. While Avatar was on our to see list, my wife and I placed great importance on seeing the creative guise of Denzel Washington and his installment from the bible. 

The purpose of this blog is not to discuss or give away the story, but to persuade you to go see it yourself. Everyone I have spoken to so far that has seen the movie says that it spoke to them in a particular way. It has a balance of funny moments, serious moments, inspiring moments, and ah-ha!!! moments.

Some people speak negatively about the violence in the movie, but it really is not a major concern. The violence was done tactfully, without gore, and had a purpose in helping to tell the story… a story that makes you reflect on your own life. It speaks to what it is to truly dedicate your life to Christ. It speaks to hope. It speaks to purpose. It speaks to realizing and using your gifts. It speaks to many things for many people in many ways.

The movie was wonderfully written, directed, and produced, and it is refreshing to see someone of the caliber of Mr. Washington take on something that is so important… even if many people did not realize how important the movie was to them until they saw the movie. ‘The Book Of Eli’  is about many things, but ultimately, it is a story about how God uses his people. For some reason, there is much talk about the Avatar movie and it’s potential links to Christendom, yet The Book Of Eli is apparent, and will force you to look at yourself in a different way.

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