Top ten things to do when you are snowed in
by ellis j. still

This post is intended to take advantage of a snow day and to have a little fun. Between last night and today we got over two feet of snow. Needless to say, we didn’t go anywhere meaningful, except to take the family dog outside to play in the snow (I think I had more fun than the dog.
:- ) Here is my our family’s top ten things to do when you are snowed in:

10.) Catch up on work
9.) Watch movies & TV shows: we spent the day watching back to back reruns of One On One on BET
8.) Eat food: Leftovers from the night before
7.) Clean the house / Laundry: Not much to talk about there.
6.) Rearrange furniture: We have wood floors, which makes it easy.
5.) Look out the window & wonder why people are outside: You can barely see your hand in front of your face. Anywhere you are going at this point is closed, with the exception of Chinese restaurants.
4.) Sleep: Aahhhh… bliss…
3.) Play Wii: we don’t own a Wii, but I would imagine that it would be fun
2.) Procrastinate snow shoveling: everyone else’s sidewalk has been shoveled at least once. I’m no fool… I’m waiting until all of the snow has fallen
1.) Ask me again in nine months (*for married folk only :- )

What is on your list???

:- )

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