Las Vegas: A Nice Weekend Getaway

By: ellis j. still

My wife and I just came back from a mini vacation in Las Vegas this past weekend. It was part of a family thing, where a bunch of family members met at Vegas to honor Tina’s uncle by blessing him with money to do what ever he wanted with it (he decided to put the majority of it in the bank instead of gambling it away). This was my first time to the city, my wife’s fifth. She goes quite often for her company for conferences and the like. I, myself, did not see what the big deal was… think that it was just an assemblage of hotels with casinos in them. Neither of us gambles, so I really did not expect much.

I was pleasantly surprised. The entire strip is an assemblage of novelty resort hotels… a multitude of focal points. Every hotel had a specific theme to it, with matching architecture. Everything from resorts shaped like an Egyptian pyramid, Paris – complete with a miniature Eiffel tower, New York – which was encompassed by a roller coaster that you can ride, a family oriented hotel which had circus acts 24 hours a day, and many many other resort attractions.

If you do not feel like walking, there’s a monorail that can take you close to your destination along the strip. However, the monorail system is broken up into two systems that does not include stops near many of the major destination areas. If you are pressed for time or have a disability related to walking, it is good to do your research ahead of time before riding. Also, the airport is directly adjacent from the strip, yet Tina and I had challenges getting to our hotel once we landed. It would be good if they extended the monorail system to include the airport, which would make it a lot easier on travelers. Lastly, there is a bus system in the area, but the bus stops lack signage or any other indicator as to which bus would take you where.

At nighttime, Las Vegas takes in an entirely new personality. The lighting designs are spectacular with every resort hotel, with some that have beams of light that shoots up into the stars. There are public light and water shows, and sidewalks are designed for couples taking a romantic stroll on a star lit evening. Tina and I also went on a timeshare presentation, so we were able to hook all of our family members up with half priced tickets to dinner, and on our final day we ate for free at a reeeely expensive restaurant in Paris.

On the flip side, there are seedy activities that exist as well. Prostitution is legal in Las Vegas and like any city, they have their share of nightclubs and the like. However, you have to search these things out in order to partake in them… meaning that your mindset dictates what you choose to partake in. before going to Vegas, I thought that it was an evil place to go, but it really isn’t… it’s what you make of it, like anyplace or anything else.

Public transportation notwithstanding, overall we had a great experience. Tina and I did not come close to seeing everything we wanted to see, and we will definitely be back one day. This trip has inspired me, where my new goal in life as a designer and entrepreneur is to one day build a roller coaster in an inner city downtown center  :- )

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