Ocean City, NJ Bed & Breakfast: A great place to recharge your batteries

By: ellis j. still 

This past week my wife had a super-secret-surprise for me for my birthday. In the weeks leading up to my birthday, she would refuse to tell me what it was, but she did tell me that the surprise was a place and that we would be there from Sunday June 13th through the 16th. So, I’m thinking road trip out of state… New York, Philly, Poconos, Baltimore, or maybe Washington DC. But then she told, me that the place that we were going to was dog-friendly, and that we will be bringing Peanut with us. At this point, I was really clueless. Other than Staybridge Suite Hotels, where could we possibly go that accommodates pets? Is there a Chuck-E-Cheese for dogs? So we get into the car, she drives, I fall asleep in the passenger seat, I wake up at our destination, and we are in Ocean City, NJ at a really cool Bed & Breakfast. 

This was the best birthday mini-vacation ever. Ocean City has the same kind of calmness as North Carolina, beaches and boardwalks within walking distance, good restaurants, and a boardwalk carnival if you are in the mood for some activity. Likewise, there were many dog owners in the city, and there is even a beach that is dog friendly. There’s an informal social thing early in the morning when dog owners walk their dogs and the dogs get to meet and greet each other (sniff each other’s butt) with their owners in tow.

Ocean City Mansion (http://ocmansion.com/ ) is where we stayed, and Nancy is the best. This was the first time Tina of I ever stayed at a bed and breakfast, and Nancy, the Innkeeper,  made us feel right at home. The house was a mansion that was built in 1896 that has been well maintained over the years, yet has all of the modern amenities in order to make your stay pleasant. Our suite was complete with a Jacuzzi, an alcove bed, and was Peanut friendly as well. Every morning Nancy cooked a different breakfast for us and we ate outside on the front porch as we read the morning newspaper in the calmness of the outdoors.  That in itself is a novel idea. Who has time to sit and eat breakfast before work anymore? Breakfast at the mansion pretty much set the tone for the rest of the day, with more relaxing and quiet on the front porch, or a series of power naps in our suite.

I.   So.   Needed.   This.

Our lives tend to be constantly in hustle and bustle mode such that we rarely take the time to slow down and replenish ourselves. A quiet and relaxing four day vacation with the woman of my dreams two hours from my home… it just doesn’t get any better than that.  My first experience with a Bed & Breakfast was definitely a good one, and we plan on making this a habit every year since our birthdays are five days apart. This was a great start to my week. The second half was also great, but that is a different blog post  :- )

Question:  When was the last time you slowed down to recharge your batteries? Have you ever thought about visiting a Bed & Breakfast in your area?

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