Book Review: “What The Bible Is All About”

Book review by ellis j. still

As individuals, before my wife and I got married, we both had a healthy assemblage of books in our respective libraries. We both like to read, so we tend to pick up interesting titles, even if the goal is to read them at a later date due to our hectic lifestyles. When we got married, the combined number of books we had were overwhelming. There are so many books in boxes, stored in the attic, that we plan to turn one of our rooms into a library / study, that is unless we move first. I came across this book that she has called “What The Bible Is All About” by Henrietta C. Mears, and I could not put it down.

Part of a popular series of reference books designed to supplement bible reading, it is a great reference/companion book for new and old believers alike. It helps you to break down the different books of the bible, but in an understandable and concise way. When I reestablished my relationship with Christ, I picked up a few companion books similar to this, but none were as effective as this one. Organized in a simplistic yet effective way, it allows for an authentic reading and comprehension experience without gimmicks. It will help you immensely in your bible study. Some of the highlights include:

  • Short summaries and purpose of each of the books of the bible
  • Key themes
  • Reading plans
  • Easy to understand – in bite-sized pieces
  • It is a great read, aiding in allowing the Word of God to come alive inside if you. 

“What the Bible Is All About” is a wonderful series of books that enhances your bible reading experience. The Living Bible Edition, which is the version that I have, is currently out of print, but the best-selling NIV version is available, along with a host of other translations and types. To view at a glance this and all of Henrietta Mears’ literary work, Click Here

Question: What is the Bible all about? How are you strengthening your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ?

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