Building Great Businesses Blog Series: Newark Regional Business Partnership (NRBP)

by ellis j. still

This year The Burning Bush Christian Bookstore (TBB) became a member of the Newark Regional Business Partnership (NRBP) for the first time. Prior to joining, I had previous experience with the NRBP since my previous employer (Newwork Real Estate) was a member. The NRBP’s assortment of events had a lasting impression on me, such that I knew that I wanted TBB to become a member.

The Newark Regional Business Partnership (NRBP) is the preeminent business organization in the City of Newark, and has been active in the Newark community since 1869. The partnership is known for its frequent marketing and networking opportunities, its information about Newark’s economic conditions as compared to the trends of the United States, and its information on contributing to the revitalization of Newark, New Jersey. 

What is interesting is that the NRBP does not compete directly against the other business organizations that I have been involved with in Newark, (see IFEL posts 01 and 02 –  & EPI posts 01 and 02) but compliments them in their programming throughout the year. Likewise, although the NRBP’s goal is to be an impetus for business connections, a greater goal is to do so for the betterment of the City of Newark. 

On many occasions people approach networking opportunities with an agenda in terms of what they wish to accomplish. Others go into it not really knowing what the outcome would be, but are open minded to new and creative opportunities and solutions. The NRBP provides a forum for both lines of thinking or a combination of the two. I have attended three events this year thus far as of this blog post, and as a result made several valuable connections (and won a free copy of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010). Here are five reasons to join the Newark Regional Business Partnership:  

  • Great networking opportunities several times per month
  • Insider information about Newark related initiatives
  • You get access to the infamous black-tie Annual Museum Dinner & Reception
  • Discount tickets to area professional and college sporting events (hockey, baseball, basketball, etc.)
  • Newark, NJ is a great city to grow, network, and to do business in!!! 

It does not matter if you work, live, are a short train ride away, or just have an interest in networking, the Newark Regional Business Partnership is a great way to connect with others. To learn more, visit today!!!

Question:  The Newark Regional Business Partnership has a rich history of serving the Newark, NJ community. Why not partner with an institution that can add value to your business? 

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