Lupus: The underrated disease, and the faith that beat it.

by: ellis j. still

May 3rd, 2011

Over one million people have been estimated to have Lupus in the United States. Lupus is a potentially fatal disease where the immune system attacks the body instead of the viruses and infections that they are supposed to eradicate (click here to learn more about the disease). I, myself, have heard of Lupus and understood that it was a disease, but never fully understood its impact until I had the chance to speak with Mrs. Brenda Blackmon of My 9 News in New York, and her daughter Kelly. I came to realize that many people are like me, in a sense of having a vague image of what Lupus is. As I continued to learn more, I began to appreciate the work being done to eradicate the disease (you can watch them tell their story in the video below).

The Burning Bush Christian Bookstore (TBB) has partnered with Mrs. Blackmon to help raise money for further research in order to lessen the impact and find a cure for the disease. All proceeds from Mrs. Blackmon’s new book “Brenda Blackmon; a Mom’s Story” will be donated to their 501C3 non-profit organization, The Kelly Fund for Lupus, Inc.

The Walk.

On this past Saturday, The Burning Bush Christian Bookstore participated in a walk-a-thon at the Meadowlands new stadium to benefit The Alliance for Lupus Research.  Over the past week or so, the northeast has been blanketed by frequent and random periods of rain and thunderstorms, but this day was gorgeous sunny day. The staging area for walkers was on the football field of the brand new stadium (the artificial turf is a far cry from the rock-hard artificial turf I once played on in high school at the Philadelphia Eagles’ now demolished Veterans Stadium), and the start / finish line was at the 50 yard line. There were rides and events for kids, Elmo and Sponge-Bob were taking pictures with people, and NY Jets players were there hanging out with walk-a-thon participants.  It felt kind of awkward at first being that I am an avid Philadelphia Eagles fan, but the walk-a-thon was for a good cause, and the atmosphere of entire event had a spirit of cooperation and giving back to others.

Everyone had a great time, and I had great conversations with people I met along the way. NY Jets coach Rex Ryan and owner Woody Johnson walked along with us (the NY Jets was the host and co-sponsor for the event), and was having just as much of a good time as anyone else. Although the walk was only approximately three miles long, I spent a half-hour lying on the cushy artificial turf after the walk to recover. (Note to self – I really need to get back into the gym). It was a great time had by all  :- )

The Book

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen. Mrs. Blackmon’s new book “Brenda Blackmon; a Mom’s Story” is a great story about overcoming, about perseverance, about healing, and about faith. Your purchase of the new release not only donates towards a worthy cause, but it will deposit in you a real life example of hope, and the fact that even today, God still works miracles.

The action

The Kelly Fund for Lupus, Inc. is a great organization to contribute to. Why not help fight the disease by purchasing the book?

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