By: ellis j. still

Imagine what it would be like to wake up one day, and you are homeless. Due to the passage of time, you can’t remember exactly how you got to this state of living, and you don’t care. All that remains is figuring out how to survive another day.

Imagine it is 105 degrees outside, and it will be a still-uncomfortable 90 degrees tonight. Imagine that you are deaf, and no one at the state offices knows sign language. The person behind the desk cannot fully understand your plight because of the communication gap, so they move on to the next person despite your needs still being unmet.

Imagine having to wander neighborhoods, knocking on doors to ask to rake the leaves, or trim the hedges, or help out in any other way in order to make money to eat. You are a hard worker, who never did drugs, drank alcohol, or smoked cigarettes. You have a servant’s heart, and you are genuine in your kindness to people. Most people dismiss your inquiries because of your speech problems due to being deaf and the fact that you are homeless, and are by nature afraid of you.

Imagine being abruptly waking up to being kicked and punched in the face by young thugs, looking for a late night thrill.  Because you are deaf, you never heard it coming, and because you are 59 years old, there is no way that you can defend yourself. Your is now jaw broken and bleeding. You spend three days in the hospital, but you cannot afford to fill the prescriptions needed for you to heal properly, or to mask the pain of the many bruises and broken jaw.

Imagine that it is three days later, and you still have to wear the same blood-soaked clothes in 100 degree weather.

Imagine that you are heartbroken, that people no longer has the compassion to help those in need.

Imagine that this is now your life.

This is a real and ongoing story of one man that I know named Tony, whose heart is soft and passionate despite the world being unkind to him. We tend to get irritated because of the economy when we can no longer afford life’s luxuries, and become ungrateful for what we do have. We take things like security, a roof over our heads, and health for granted. We forget that no matter what the situation is, it could always be worse. Moreover, when things do not go our way, we forget that we have a Savior. We have to remember to be thankful and appreciative for what we do have, and pray for those who have not. Tony knows where his strength is. Do you?

 Question: What are you thankful  for today?

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