“living, loving, leading, serving” is the aphorism that ellis uses to define who he is as an individual, as a husband, as an entrepreneur, and as a man of God.

Ellis speaks publicly to community organizations, companies, schools (grades from elementary school through college) and faith-based initiatives with the goal of fostering change… that the participants would take with them some things that would make an impact on their lives, and the lives of the people around them.

Some of Ellis s’ most requested topics includes:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Faith
  • Married Living / Preparation
  • Personal Growth
  • Youth Topics



My presentations are personalized to meet the needs of your group so as to accomplish that end result that you wish to achieve. These are some of Ellis’ most requested presentations:


Title: “Fiction: Stories That Speak To Where You Are”

Audience:  Reading Enthusiasts, Book clubs, Students/Schools, Library Functions.

Description:  Ellis’ love for reading inspired his love for entrepreneurship. Fiction takes you to places that you have never been before. It stimulates the imagination. It has the power to transform lives, and causes dreams to come alive within you. “Fiction: Stories That Speak To Who You Are” is about not just about the imaginary tale, but the imagination fulfilled. What do you do with the mustard seed of a dream that the imagination has planted within you? This presentation centers on the importance not just settling for what is, but believing for the impossible in your life.


Title: “Reading is fundamental”

Audience:  Reading Enthusiasts, Book clubs, Students/Schools, Library Functions.

Description:  Why do we read? To be entertained? To grow? Reading fills an inherent need that is built inside of us.  But there are many distractions in the world, such as television, 12 hour work days, video games,  smart phones… all of which distracts us from recognizing this need to the point where much of society have adopted the notion that reading, even for fun,  is a chore. Therefore, life itself becomes a distraction from investing in ourselves.


Title:   “So you wrote a book. Now what??? Top 10 things you need to keep in mind while writing your book – from a bookstore point of view.”

Audience: Independent Authors and Small Publishers

Description:  Many authors make the jump into writing as an independent. Success rates vary, but one study shows that on average, authors sell roughly 45-65 copies, and modestly successful independents sell 5,000. Like any profession, the better you position yourself from the beginning, the more of a head start you will get, which will translate into long term success more readily. While there is much dialog and resources about how to become published, this presentation centers around things that retailers look for in independent authors and small publishing companies… things that will help position authors to do well. The more authors sell, the more people will pay attention.


Title:  “Entrepreneurship: Living you dreams out loud”

Audience: Authors, Small Publishers, Potential and New Small Business Owners

Description:  In today’s economy, many people are losing their jobs, are forced to take a pay cut, or are working reduced hours. Many people wonder about what the answer may be… about how to survive in often hostile work conditions. But what many people do not realize is that the answer is already there… in the form of entrepreneurism. Anyone who has work and life experience has an inherent value associated with them, and therefore has the ability to bring valued service to others. What do you dream about? Cry about? Pray about? Successful people are not necessarily more gifted, they’re just more passionate.

For more information about having Ellis as a keynote speaker, contact Tina Still at tstill@tinellis.com.